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English CV

Stefanie Rummel:

The award winning singer, dancer, hoofer, magician and actress has performed in various theaters, shows, varieties, galas and events.

Her versatile style and her radiation excites the audience.

She performed her shows in Germany, Norway, France, USA (New York), on cruise ships and she was on tour with several musical theatre shows.

Living in the USA for nearly 2 years she intensified her theatrical knowledge
in New York City. She speaks English fluently.

Her positive radiation, power and talent spreads directly towards her audience. She astonishes with her style using various kinds of performing arts.

The versatile magician, singer, dancer, hoofer and actress loves to present her shows to you. Get in contact with her for further questions. Thank you!

The chameleon of the performing arts! 

5,7 foot tall, dark blond long hair, blue eyed, (Caucasian) European with a natural, unique look
This talented woman is academically well-educated and has a high emotional intelligence.
It is very important to her to create a value for people through her artistic and intellectual skills. She is known for her energy and expressiveness in the performing arts such as a singer, actress, dancer and coach.
With compassion she creates visions to inspire other people and reaches successfully out to make a difference. She gives life an extra squeeze.
Types: of a creator, caregiver, talent/  best friend,mom, wife, confidant, intellectual, dreamer
Jobs:  – Writer or artist, teacher or professor, therapist, journalist, musician

Master Classes:
Singer, Actor, Musical Theatre, Speaker, Teacher

Dr. Stefanie Rummel teaches the tripple thread of singing, dancing and acting. Her background is musical theater and chanson and she has been teaching in various institutions. She owns the „Institut Rummel“. 

Regularly she invites coaches from Denmark, the US and Australia to give master classes on topics like: Musical Theater, Voice, Diction, Estill, Interpretation, Auditioning, Acting, Tap Dance.... 

Estill Voice Training has the roots in the US and has spread all over the world.  It explains how to develop safely various vocal colors plus the 6 qualities: Speech, Falsett, Sob, Twang, Opera und Belting. Regularly she invites masters for Estill form all over the world. Stefanie Rummel is renowned for her positive energy, expertise.





- Multitalented

Stefanie Rummel Foto Henry Grossman 300

- Radiant

Video Stefanie Rummel 300 Gesang